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implen nanophotometer N50-GO nanodrop alternative

N50-GO for Nucleic Acid & Protein UV Measurements  |  1 µl only  |  Scan Range 200-650 nm

  • No Maintenance
  • No Recalibration
  • No Reconditioning
  • Small Footprint

N50-GO Overview

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N50-GO MicroVolume

Best in class microvolume spectroscopy with a built-in 7 inch LCD glove compatible touchscreen with flexible unit control options. The illuminated quartz sample surface of N50-GO spectrophotometer allows for the easy sample application.

N50-GO Preprogrammed Applications & Features

  • Nucleic Acids (DNA, RNA, mRNA, Oligos, etc.)
    with QC Ratios (260/280 and 260/230)
  • Protein UV with QC Ratio (260/280)
  • Measure fluorescent dye-labeled Nucleic Acids and Proteins using absorbance
  • Potential contaminant identification
Implen-GO-N50-GO-Preprogrammed-Applications-and-Features, NanoDrop Alternative


Sample Compression Technology™ in N50-GO provides unmatched precision and accuracy with reliable measurement geometry of challenging samples including proteins. A capillary film is formed between two quartz surfaces with each sample eliminating the need for surface tension.

Certainty in Real Time

Sample Control™ – the leading-edge quality control technology to identify air bubbles, sample impurities, turbidity, lint residue, and potential contaminations. N50-GO Sample Control™ monitors handling characteristics and sample quality in real-time to ensure that the measured concentrations are reproducible and most precise.


Confidence with Blank Control™

Be sure that your data are precise with Implen’s unique Blank Control™ feature. Blanks with high background or residues from previous users are the main cause of inaccurate readings. Blank Control™  feature of N50-GO spectrophotometer will protect you from wasting time and precious sample on inaccurate readings caused by high background blanks or inappropriate cleaning.

Stand-Alone Operation of N50-GO

No computer required. N50-GO spectrophotometer features Built-in Computer with a built-in 7 inch LCD glove compatible touchscreen and flexible unit control options, a high performance Intel Celeron dual core 2.4 GHz processor and 32 GB of onboard memory to provide powerful and easy storage of methods and data.

N50-GO_stand_alone_operation-nanovolume-spectrophotometer-implenGO NanoDrop Alternative
N50-GO-maintenance-free-spectrophotometer-NanoDrop Alternative implen-nanophotometer-spectrophotometer-g

Fast & Maintenance Free

Turn N50-GO on and instantly measure without lamp warm up time. Full scan capability range from 200-650 nm or rapid and complete sample analysis in as little as 2.5 seconds. True Path Technology™ of N50-GO spectrophotometer covers the extensive dynamic range with two precisely defined path lengths. The sealed mechanical setup has two fixed anchor points that are not changing over the lifetime of the instrument. No recalibration is necessary, Implen guarantees lifetime accuracy.

Flexible Unit Control

Mobile and easy control of the NanoPhotometer® N50-GO is possible via Wi-Fi from tablets or smartphones (Android OS & iOS). Easy control from PCs (Windows & Mac) with fast and flexible connection options including Wi-Fi, USB, and LAN.

ImplenGO-N50-GO-flexible-unit-control-microvolume-spectroscopy-nanophotometer NanoDrop Alternative

Endless Connectivity

Equipped with Wi-Fi, built-In HotSpot, LAN, HDMI and USB A/B interface connections for remote instrument control, data accessibility, and printing. The NanoPhotometer® N50-GO is compatible with 1 and 2D bar code readers allowing for flexible and streamlined data entry. Unique file server functionality allows access to data stored on the NanoPhotometer® drive from any computer accessing the lab network.

Universal Data Output

Every NanoPhotometer®, as well as N50-GO, is able to generate formatted Excel and PDF document files for data processing or archiving of measurements on the lab network. The capability to print full-page reports, labels and cryo labels via USB and through a network connection lends users the utmost flexibility for data output. Supported printers include AirPrint/IPP compatible printers supporting the PDF format, printers with HP universal printer driver capability and DYMO label printers.
AirPrint® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Cupertino, CA


Ultimate Data Security

Malware, viruses, and ransomware are serious threats to instrumentation working on Android or Windows-based platforms. The proprietary NanoPhotometer® N50-GO Operating System NPOS protects data in a secure environment immune to known malicious software. Whether running Apps on the NanoPhotometer/control device or downloading precious measurement results, your data is safe.

For additional security, the NanoPhotometer® N50-GO does not allow browsing on the internet whilst providing safe access to control devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Compare to a Nanodrop

Experience the benefits of the easy and cost-efficient rapid analysis in a drop with a number of unique key features over a Nanodrop.
NanoDrop™ and NanoDrop™ One are registered trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Implen® is not affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by Thermo Fisher Scientific or NanoDrop.


Fun for committed Spectroscopy Nerds:
The NanoPhotometer Crew

Meet the most dedicated individuals and witness their selfless never-ending commitment to provide trustworthy results for researchers in every country around the world. Their adventures have been videotaped and are available on every instrument starting with firmware version 4.3 installed – with the new screensaver feature activated.

Compare to NanoPhotometer® N50-Touch


NanoPhotometer® Reviews

“Awesome machine. I would purchase another one for additional labs.”

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

Application Area: Genetics Academic Laboratory – Microarray Core

“I love the dynamic range for RNA/DNA measurements. We did our own in house check for reproducibility. The interface is very user friendly and easier to use than … We like that we can use 1 ul of precious sample for an accurate reading rather than the required 1.5ul for  I am in the midst of uploading the newest upgraded software so I will test it out and give additional feedback. This has been a god-send. We have very low concentration samples that are very precious and this allows us to make measurements on these types of samples. Also, after doing PCR amplification, we no longer have to make dilutions for the upper limit readings due to the large dynamic range.”

Twyla Juehne
Organization: Washington University School of Medicine

“Great Machine, Easy to Use, Excellent Customer Service”

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

“We did a side by side demo with their top competitor. Both machines gave the same readings, and were fairly straight forward for antibody concentrations. The Implen NanoPhotometer seemed to have a lot more options readily available for use and was easily customizable. We didn’t need a cuvette port which made this machine a much cheaper purchase. The customer service was great, they showed me various features of the software. The software also allows you to control the machine remotely, as well as transfer data wirelessly, which I like because I hate trying to type sample information with the touch screen. This machine also reads the samples quicker, which really helps when I have to concentrate on large numbers of samples. Very happy with our purchase.”

Brian Murphy
Organization: ZielBio, Inc.

“Better and easier to use than …”

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

“I tried Implen head to head against a … and found the Implen easier to use and more precise in measurements across a range of samples.”

Dr. Robert Stankey
Organization: Varigen Biosciences

“Perfect, stable and easy to use spectrophotometer”

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

“Implen N50 Touch is so easy to use that you can explain nothing to absolutely inexperienced student, but he will manage to get good measurment and not to break the instrument. Among other advantages is the cover for measurement window, so no dust in it.”

Anna Korovina
Organization: Moscow State University

“Accurate Measurements, Solid Device”

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

“My lab does a lot of molecular cloning work for synthetic biology projects. For the longest time we didn’t have any reliable and simple way of quantifying DNA concentration. This device has been a life saver. It is accurate (checked samples against other similar devices), easy to use, has lots of extra features that the competitors lack and is cheaper.”

Cory Tobin
Organization: TheLab, Inc.

“N50 NanoPhotometer in University of Hawaii animal disease laboratory.”

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

“The IMPLEN N50 Spectrophotometer is easy to use and practical for quantification of DNA and RNA. In addition, we also can make an “in House” calibration system, which allows lower annual cost. Great equipment.”

Karin Kurkjian
Organization: University of Hawaii

“A wonderful instrument for nucleotide or protein quantification”

Rating: 5.0   ★★★★★

“It’s a delicate but powerful instrument which occupies very small space and is always on call. As soon as one acquires this in his lab, he can enjoy the convenience and accuracy at the same time.”

Yu Ran
Organization: Zhejiang University

Good alternative to nanodrop

Simple to set up and use. Accurate results and easy data handling. Portable and wifi connectable.


The spectrophotomer N50 is perfect for assessing nucleic acids concentration, good reproductability and accuracy. It does not take a lot of place and seems durable.

Good instrument

The Implen N50 was a kind of good instrument, and which has a good cost performance, hope it would be more good products show up!

Easy and good

In our lab we are using the N50. The photometer does what it’s supposed to do very well. The measurement is easy and fast. Another plus point is the small size of the photometer.

Usage of Implen N50

Good machine, saves your time a lot!

N50 Touch

Very easy handling and great tablet function – no Computer is needed

Easy and complete

The instrument is user-friendly and offer very useful applications, other than nucleic acid quantification. Measurements are accurate and reproducible.

Good, smart machine

Small sized, straight foward to operate. Plenty of functions. All-round very satisfied!


Excellent nanophotometer.

Great instrument

Effective experiment assistant